Western Mail, 8th September 2018

Thank you national newspaper of Wales for your review of The Offline Project. Very kind.

“A deeply-engaging read. Not only does Tyte capture Gerard’s online life in believable detail, he also writes cracking dialogue.  These are rounded, believable characters portrayed with warmth”

Wales Arts Review, 4th July 2018

The reviewer said some things which made me think she liked the book a little including that THE OFFLINE PROJECT is "a wonderfully satirical and incisive look at the ills of our modern online culture.".  Thanks.  Full review on the link.

Buzz Magazine, July 2018

Said nice things about THE OFFLINE PROJECT, and for that I'm eternally grateful.


The Big Issue, 28th May 2018

I've been teary reading The Big Issue before but never because they gave my new book such a good review.  The online version is here and has even more kind words.



Wales Arts Review, 25th May 2018

Wrote a book but you're all into podcasts now, so, luckily, got asked by Wales Arts Reviews to be on their OffScript podcast. Deep chats on all things Offline Project and lots more with Craig Austin and Gary Raymond. You'll have to listen to it for me because  the sound of my own voice makes me feel a little queasy. 


The Bookseller, 11th May 2018

A little mention in their Wales country focus edition.


The Bookseller, 10th November 2017

Bowled over (and other unrelated idioms) that The Bookseller reported on Graffeg's announcement about my new novel. Full story on the link in the title.


BookBrunch, 10th November 2017

This daily publishing industry newsletter said positive things about The Offline Project announcement and I thank them from the bottom of my heart for it.

BBC Radio Wales, 7th January 2017

“No-one dreams of writing a download”.  A raspy post-lager voiced me, chatting about the news books have overtaken Kindle sales.  There’ll be a link for it somewhere on the iPlayer but don’t search it out.  Watch Planet Earth 2 instead. It’s up there with Home Alone 2: Lost in New York in the sequel stakes.

Cardiff Life, January 2017

I’m aware that superhero movies pack ’em in, but not even the most coked-up delusional Hollywood exec could ever think the Fantastic 50 would be a good idea. No such qualms at Welsh capital arbiter Cardiff Life, mind you. Somehow in this list alongside fellow author Holly Muller, and actual superhero Gareth Bale.

Wales Arts Review, Iggy Pop, 17th December 2016

So I got asked to write about my cultural highlight of 2016. My music review days are behind me, so I wrote this instead.


Wales Arts Review, Knock, Knock: Flash Fiction, 28th June 2016

“It’s not clear if it’s real at first.”

A flash fiction piece I wrote here for Wales Arts Review. Expect burning houses, and, well, you’ll have to read it won’t you? Click the link in the title and go.

Wales Arts Review, In Conversation with Dan Tyte, 4th July 2015

What better way to celebrate American Independence Day than by reading this interview with me? It’s also a worthwhile read post-4th July, taking in everything from ‘The Rhossili Effect’, elderly gay love, the Bootleg Beatles and white boy funk novels. Enjoy.

Wales Arts Review, The Rhossili Effect, 3rd July 2015

So those nice people at Wales Arts Review asked me to get involved in their Story:Retold project where current writers create new stories based on shorts from Dai Smith’s collection Story Vol. I. I re-imagined a Dylan Thomas short called ‘Extraordinary Little Cough’.  My story is called ‘The Rhossili Effect’ and it’s on the link in the title.  There’ll be a book of all of the stories. And a movie. And probably a theme park.


Great Product/Grate Product, The CDF, April 2015

This smart new paper published a piece on Pyramid Scheme and a collaborative story from me and Rich Owain Roberts.


Highlights of the 2014, Wales Arts Review, 5th December 2014

“2014 was a strong year for the Welsh novel..offering a series of remarkably assured debuts from the likes of Carly Holmes (The Scrapbook), Rhian Elizabeth (Six Pounds, Eight Ounces) and Dan Tyte (Half Past Seven).”

Book Week: The Dos and Don’ts of Writing a Novel, WalesOnline,  1st December 2014

A little name-check in this as one of Wales’ hot new generation of writers. All revealed on the link above.

BBC Radio Wales, Eleri Sion Show, 7th October 2014

A radio appearance talking about the Half Plus Seven paperback launch.

New Welsh Review, Issue 105, October 6th 2014

A review of Half Plus Seven from that literary doyen NWR.  “One of the most brilliant things about the novel is the way in which Tyte breaks the fourth wall”. I knew watching Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 47 times would come in useful somewhere.

Thread, 25th September 2014

“Bob Dylan’s brain, Roald Dahl’s devilment, Hunter S. Thompson’s energy, Joaquin Phoenix’s thick skin, David Byrne’s hips, oh, and Paul Newman’s eyes, just for the sparkle.”

An interview I did on the link above on creativity.

Pyramid Scheme. Live Review, Buzz Magazine, 8th September 2014

A review of mine and Richard Owain Roberts’ new night. I’m sure this is how Eavis started out. Nice words on our bit too:

“Dan Tyte and Richard Owain Robert’s joint, intertwined, back-and-forth piece was the highlight for me…Full of humour and tersely written, this was highly entertaining and deftly done.” Link on the headline.

Pyramid Scheme and the Cardiff Literary Scene, Plastik Magazine, 27th August 2014

“Pyramid Scheme seems essential, a great product,” said me and Richard Owain Roberts, amongst other things in this pro-write up of the new lit/music night we have spawned.  Other words used to describe us/it/me include “renaissance” and “refreshing”, a bit like Michelangelo doing the ice bucket challenge. 

Making Hay, Google Hangout, 27th August 2014

In potentially the most George Jetson thing I’ve ever done, I did a live internet TV interview over Google Hangouts with the Hay Festival blog Making Hay. If you’re bored of scrolling through Netflix, and want to see what a small window of my kitchen looks like, you can catch it here.

BBC Radio Wales, Eleri Sion Show, 30th July 2014

Another airwaves assault, this time to talk about Half Plus Seven, the Kindle Sale, Not The Booker and the news that black cats suck at selfies.


The Dinefwr Literature Festival, Wales Arts Review, Issue 13, July 2014

This review focuses on me in conversation on stage with Byron Rogers.  Much better this than my show on the Saturday night, when I dropped my book on a poor lady in the front row. Soz.

Zerocore, Issue 9, June 2014

So, I wrote this about always wanted to be a rock star for Observer favourite Zerocore.


BBC Radio Wales, Bethan Elfyn Show, 7th June 2014

Got to hang out with BBC radio ledge Bethan Elfyn at Hay Festival outside the Beeb’s converted airstream caravan and play some 7 inch vinyls on a very vintage BBC record player.   The sun shone down as I played Pop Levi (‘the white Prince’) and Tom Tom Club and read from Half Plus Seven.  A Hay highlight.


Western Mail, 26th April 2014

One of WalesOnline’s ‘ones to watch’, the Cardiff-based writer reveals all on his muse and mojo. I wrote this for the Western Mail magazine’s ‘Author’s Notes’ section on writing, and, well, life I suppose-  ‘It’s the humans and not the happenings’.

Daily Mail, 18th April 2014

So Britain’s biggest selling newspaper seemed to like my book.  Also available on Mail Online, the world’s biggest news website here. Woah momma.


17 Reasons Why We’re Generation Y-Hine, Buzzfeed, 11th April 2014

Wrote (AND ILLUSTRATED!) this for Buzzfeed on reasons why Generation Y is whiny, including such hits as ‘1. Because instead of ration books we have loyalty cards’ and ’17. We’d prefer to WhatsApp someone we’ve never met rather than pick up the phone to our grandmother’. I’m expecting offers for my Lowry-esque masterpieces.

The Selling of a Novelist, Plastik Magazine, 7th April 2014

An interview here with Plastik Magazine, which the writing and wizzo graphics make pretty wondrous. The only problem is that’s cut up with me saying stuff like this:

“When I did my first readings for this tour it was a little bit like the film Eight Mile with Eminem. I’ve been like Marshal Mathers, at first I was strangely nervous, despite being used to speaking in front of groups of people,” he says. “But now I’ve worked out the optimum number of pints of strong continental larger to have so I can walk on stage and feel like Iggy Pop.”

Buzz Magazine, April 2014

A review- and a book of the month bubble- from Buzz Magazine….


Half Plus Seven by Dan Tyte- A review, Wales Arts Review, 14th March 2014

“Tyte’s novel is a masculine and propulsive romantic comedy, told in a strikingly bold and honest manner”, “Half Plus Seven could easily be mistaken for a Nick Hornby novel, but a Hornby novel with a touch more Zeitgeist and a slightly sinister, grimy underbelly”. Click the link for more, etc.

Rarebit: New Welsh Fiction- A review, Wales Arts Review, Issue 4, 28th Feb 2014

A review here of my short story from Rarebit: “‘Onwards’ by Cardiff-born Dan Tyte, is a great opener: taking you on a perambulation through a city, laying out its geography securely, offering the prospect of many adventures”.

Bare Fiction magazine- Cardiff Launch, National Theatre Wales Community, 15th Feb 2014

A live review here where I get likened to Jon Voight in Midnight Cowboy. Yes, he’s a male prostitute, but what cheekbones.

7 people set for success in the arts world in 2014, Western Mail, 27th Dec 2013

The Western Mail chose me as one of its ‘magnificent seven’ of people who will go far in 2014. I was the writer they chose as One to Watch, along with an actor, actress, musician, director, artist and opera singer. No pressure…

After a trip across the Atlantic, writer Dan Tyte is in a New York state of mind, Western Mail, 9th Nov 2013

“To all employees – Jim has no family or friends. Be suspicious of anyone claiming otherwise.”
So read a sign behind the bar in The White Horse Tavern in Greenwich Village, New York. Jim doesn’t need our pity, just paying customers. Money doesn’t just talk in this town, it screams. But if Jim ever did have a friend, it was our erstwhile Welshman in Manhattan, Dylan Thomas. A “poet-scholar-gentleman”, if the plaque in the lounge named after him was to be believed. Either way, as Meat Loaf once said, two out of three ain’t bad…

Bookshelf: Dan Tyte, Plastik Magazine, 8th Dec 2012

An interview on the books that have stayed with me throughout my life so far.