The Offline Project: Cover reveal

Beyond excited to share the cover for The Offline Project....

Offline Cover.jpg

This beautiful thing was illustrated by the very talented Max Low. Here's something I said about it:

“The book takes its name from a community which the protagonist, Gerard, joins in its second half. His story takes places in two very different locations: Cardiff, the growing capital city of Wales, and an unidentified Danish woodland, with two different themes: online and offline. The writing also happened across those two countries, written on my phone in my home of Cardiff, and in Moleskine notebooks in a succession of minimalist cafes across Copenhagen. Rewind a few generations and my great-grandfather took a similar trip in reverse, stowing away from an archipelago in the Baltic Sea called the Åland Islands- a Swedish-speaking autonomous part of Finland- and disembarking in Cardiff, then one of the world’s busiest ports and home to the multicultural Tiger Bay, where he opened a hostel for Scandinavian seaman. Max’s cover illustration, serene and just a little bit sinister, feels like the perfect representation of the place Gerard finds himself. But I’ll let readers decide that for themselves.”