Dan Tyte’s debut novel HALF PLUS SEVEN- a 'coming-of-age novel snorting with energy' (Daily Mail), ‘a lethal cocktail of Bukowski and Mad Men’ (NME) - was published by Parthian in April 2014. His second novel, THE OFFLINE PROJECT was published by Graffeg in May 2018. The Big Issue said of it: 'an exceptionally funny, well-observed and street-smart book, as self-aware as it is sensitive.  The dialogue is as authentic as any I’ve read this year, almost as if Tyte has secretly recorded conversations and simply transcribed them word for word.  His descriptive, scene-setting powers are equally evocative.  If critics do their jobs and seek it out, it should win lots of awards'.  He's performed at Hay Festival, Edinburgh Fringe and co-founded the lit night Pyramid Scheme. He’s written for the Society of Authors magazine The Author and his short story Onwards is taught regularly at the American University of Paris.


A novel. Out May 2018. Graffeg Books.


The internet defines Gerard Kane.  But after a dumping and a death in the family, can going off-grid save him?

His pursuit of something outside his smartphone takes him from his Welsh home to a new community in the Danish woodland.  Here, Gerard is able to share his new ideal of an offline existence with a community of former internet addicts, but life in this new world may be more sinister than it appears.

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A novel. Out now with Parthian Books.


“A clusterf*** of failed relationships, shot down dreams, hypochondriac breakdowns, parental indifference and bulls*** jobs , so concludes 29-year-old PR man, Bill McDare, about his life. To avoid going down, he needs to change. Fast. But getting to up will require a quantum shift in his industrial consumption of booze, drugs, sex, and his fondness for indulging in dazzlingly creative lies and an embedded cynicism of epic proportions. It is at this pivotal moment Bill meets the £10 psychic with a cat. The roads of excess lead to the palace of wisdom, wrote the poet William Blake and the author puts his hero on this pathway. A coming-of-age novel snorting with energy, outrage and scatological detail, it is in places eye-watering. Yet what disarms is Bill’s quasi-religious yearning for order and goodness, plus an outrageous honesty which refuses to compromise.” -Daily Mail

“A lethal cocktail of Bukowski and Mad Men, finished with a twist of dry Welsh wit.”- NME